Elections Primaries 2016

Live Site | February- Present

I collaborated with a UX designer on the layout for the home page. At the start of the project, we overcame the challenge in fairly representing 15 republican and 5 democratic candidates. We made the decision to expose only the leading candidates on the home page. Users have the ability to click a link with detailed information on all other candidates.

The party buttons act as a crucial component to the elections page. Detailed information on each party and its candidates can be easily accessed here. 

The calendar on the home page makes it easy for users to keep updated on the race, without having to search in depth on the site. 


Personas for general elections 2016

User Interviews of existing USA Today Elections readers

For the 2016 General Elections we conducted user interviews to discover engagement habits with election content on USA Today. We asked users the following: 

  • what were their top news sources

  • which devices they preferred

  • the amount of time they spend looking at content

  • their social media habits


UI Design Collaboration with Erika Magnuson, USA Today Network