Hi-View player on USA Today


Hi-View player on USA Today (player with article view)


Hi-View player on local site: AZ Central

User Ed Screen for 360° videos on USA Today Network websites


hi-view player 

The hi-view player design is LIVE across the USA Today network. The player was designed so when a user scrolls down the page, the video remains at the top of their screen. The goal of this project was to increase ad view-ability and recirculation of video content. The controls on the player include play/pause, mute, share, and full screen.  


USer ed screen for 360° video Player

As a UX Architect I am responsible for the functionality of the 360° video player on the USA Today Network websites. Since the current company demographic skews older, I believed multiple demonstrations showing how to navigate through a 360° video would be crucial. When a user opens a 360° video and clicks the play button, an overlay showing how to move around the video is displayed. A user can easily dismiss the message and if they need to refer to the user ed screen again they can select the "i" icon which will show the overlay. In addition to these two on boarding views, if a user does not move the mouse or use the keyboard arrows within the first 15 seconds of play, the overlay will interrupt the video to emphasize the user can look around the video. This last interruption was created after observing that if the video didn't begin on a moving object, the user didn't know to move around with their mouse or keyboard.