What is mouse?

MOUSE was formed in the innovation lab with the intention to target millennials and advertisers. I was on an innovation team that created a music app focusing on up and coming artists playing concerts in your area. We came up with the name MOUSE after trying to describe what the app does "the app crawls the underbelly of your city to bring you the names of your next favorite band and where they are playing right now." The goal of the app was to incentivize users to attend concerts with friends. We built in functionality to share concert event details with friends, swipe through bands quickly by listening to a clip of their music, and included discounts/promotions to attend the show based on a reward system. 

Art Direction by Olga Norwood and Corey Greeneltch

All logos were for internal presentation purposes*

personas for mouse

For MOUSE we were targeting younger audiences 18-35 years old. The app's functionality accommodated needs for young socialites who want to be the first to know of emerging artists as well as older adults who need an app to plan their night's out well in advance. The launch city was intended to be Nashville, TN but would eventually aggregate concert data in New York, NY, Washington D.C., Austin TX, and Philadelphia to name a few.