Every employee in the USA Today Network is encouraged to participate in a product jam. A product jam is a one-day event where employees from all different locations can work together remotely to produce a product for the network. In my product jam team, I worked with a designer, digital producer, and editor from various parts of the country (New Jersey, Michigan, and Mississippi). We created the 5 Tips and Tricks For Your Next Trip To The Farmers Market article since we all shared an interest in food, community, and were excited for spring! We created a short video, graphics, and editorial content in one afternoon, but we were eager to add more interactive features if time permitted. The farmers market graphic was intended to be an interactive where users could select a specific fruit or vegetable and see an animation of how long their produce would last on a timeline. Even though this feature was unable to be coded due to the time constraints, it was fun thinking about small ways to make an article delightful for a reader.


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Fruit icons designed by Lauren Stearns and Hannah Burkett