User Interviews

VR Stories App: Open Card Sorting

I gave users a list of anticipated and current VR content and had them group the titles into categories. After all the tests were conducted, I grouped overlapping themes from each participant to see what commonalities or patterns we could derive from user's perceptions of the VR titles.  

usability test plan

VR Stories Functionality

I collaborated with Stephanie Sell (UX Architect) on the functionality of the home screen for the VR Stories App. Stephanie developed wires and I created a usability test plan for the functionality of the home screen. In the study we examined how users would interact with the USA Today VR Stories home screen.



Test Plan Overview

The objectives of the study were: 

  • Understand user's perceptions of the app's icons

  • Observe the functionality of the featured stories

  • See how users interact with stories in a collection


Research Questions: 

  • How intuitive are the icons on each VR video?

  • Will users scroll through all the videos in the carousels?

  • Can users easily locate videos within the app?



  • Unmoderated tests through 

  • Test sessions lasted 15-20 minutes


We collected the following quantitative data:

  • Number of attempts to complete a given task

  • Number of successful participants that reach the end of the task


We will collect the following qualitative data:

  • Perceived amount of time and number of steps

  • Overall ease of use

  • Opinions of interface and icons

  • Degree of satisfaction and overall process



Competitive Analysis of On Boarding Screens

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